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Enjoy the mobility and freedom of the AAREX KONRAD WHEELCHAIR. This lightweight, easy to maneuver wheelchair is designed for maximum comfort, making it ideal for long days at the office, or outdoor adventures. With adjustable handles  this wheelchair comes with lot more functionality and ergonomic seats in 2 seat sizes 41 cm and 46 cm

1. **Solid Castors:**
- The wheelchair is equipped with solid castor wheels, providing durability and stability.
- Solid castors ensure a smooth and reliable ride while being puncture-proof for increased resilience on various surfaces.

2. **Mag Wheels:**
- The wheelchair features mag wheels made from a lightweight and durable magnesium alloy.
- Mag wheels enhance maneuverability, reduce overall weight, and contribute to a modern and stylish appearance.

3. **Attendant/Hand Brakes:**
- The wheelchair is designed with both attendant and hand brakes, offering versatile control options.
- Attendant brakes allow caregivers to control the wheelchair's movement, while hand brakes provide users with the ability to engage the brakes manually for added control and safety.

4. **Flip-Up Armrest:**
- The wheelchair comes with flip-up armrests, providing flexibility for users who need unobstructed access or assistance with side transfers.
- Secure locking mechanisms ensure stability when the armrests are in the lowered position.

5. **Detachable Footrest:**
- The wheelchair features detachable footrests, allowing users to customize their seating experience and facilitating easy transfers.
- Detachable footrests contribute to the wheelchair's adaptability for different user needs.

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