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Medoxy Pro V Oxygen Concentrator

₹ 80,000.00
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  • Nebuliser Kit Included
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Voice Feature
  • Nasal Cannula

Conditions Used For:

  • When oxygen levels in the patient are too low
  • Inability to breathe the necessary amount of oxygen naturally
  • People with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Any lung damage that would require an oxygen concentrator for recovery

Product description

An oxygen concentrator is designed to deliver the purest form of oxygen (90%). The addition of a Nebuliser helps to increase its efficiency and makes it easy to inhale. Medura's oxygen concentrator is revolutionized by our voice feature which helps to keep you updated on the oxygen level.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream. Two methods in common use are pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas separation.



  • The MEDOXY PRO V OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR is a revolutionary device designed to provide pure oxygen at a 90% concentration. It includes a Nebuliser to enhance efficiency and a voice feature to keep you updated on oxygen levels.

2. What does the Nebuliser Kit do?

  • The Nebuliser Kit included with the MEDOXY PRO V helps increase the device's efficiency and makes the oxygen easier to inhale. This is especially beneficial for individuals who have difficulty breathing or need assistance getting the necessary amount of oxygen.

3. What does the Voice Feature do?

  • The Voice Feature on the MEDOXY PRO V provides real-time updates on the oxygen level being delivered. This ensures that you are aware of the concentration level and can make necessary adjustments as needed.

4. What is the warranty on the MEDOXY PRO V?

  • The MEDOXY PRO V comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring that your device is covered for any manufacturing defects during this period.

5. What conditions can benefit from using the MEDOXY PRO V?

  • The MEDOXY PRO V is beneficial for conditions where oxygen levels in the patient are too low or when the patient is unable to breathe the necessary amount of oxygen naturally. This includes individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or those recovering from any lung damage.
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Medoxy Pro V Oxygen Concentrator

₹ 80,000.00
₹ 60,000.00
Sold out

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