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  • Comfort at home
  • Adjustable heights
  • Electonic bed adjuster
  • Collapsible side rails
  • Includes mattress
  • Comes with a remote

Conditions Used For:

  • Hospital-like care at home
  • Comfortable for patients post-operation
  • Adjustable bed angles and support
  • Helps increase safety for patients

Product description

RYERSON 3 Function Electronic Bed From Tritron Series. Tritron series are automatic hospital beds designed with height, back, and leg adjustability that can be controlled just by a click on the remote, making it easier for the patient and caretaker to operate the bed. with the Tritron series Electronic Beds, ARREX offers you 5-star nursing comfort at an affordable price. standard configuration: Electronic head side adjustable, stainless steel collapsible side rail, ABS Panels, remote adjust the bed, electronic height-adjustable, electronic leg side adjustable, pedal brake, heavy-duty castors, remove to adjust the bed, stainless steel collapsible side rail, mattress, remote to adjust the bed, side railings, clip to hold the mattress, weight 110kg, electrnic bed with three functions, slide railings, saline rod, mattress & urine hook.


Hospital Bed Features:

1. **ABS Panels:**
- Constructed with durable and impact-resistant ABS panels for enhanced strength and longevity.
- The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain, meeting high hygiene standards in healthcare settings.

2. **Saline Stand Integration:**
- Built-in saline stand for convenient placement and administration of intravenous fluids.
- Ensures easy access for medical professionals and supports efficient patient care.

3. **Manual Head Side Adjustment:**
- Manual adjustment of the head side to enhance patient comfort and facilitate various medical procedures.
- Enables caregivers to easily position the head side for optimal patient care.

4. **Levers for Bed Adjustment:**
- Levers for manual adjustment of bed height and position.
- Provides a simple and intuitive mechanism for caregivers to customize the bed according to patient needs.

5. **All Rolling Casters with Brake:**
- Equipped with rolling casters for easy mobility and transportation within medical facilities.
- Each caster includes a brake for secure and stable positioning, preventing unintended movement.

6. **Collapsible Side Rail:**
- Collapsible side railings for patient safety and fall prevention.
- Easily foldable to facilitate patient transfers and provide unobstructed access when needed.

7. **Inclusive Mattress:**
- Includes a high-quality mattress designed for comfort, support, and pressure redistribution.
- Ensures a complete patient bed system that meets medical standards for healthcare facilities.

8. **User-Friendly Design:**
- Features an intuitive design for both healthcare professionals and patients, promoting ease of use and a positive experience.
- Clear instructions and ergonomic design elements enhance overall usability.

These features collectively create a functional and versatile hospital bed system that prioritizes patient care, safety, and ease of use for healthcare providers. The inclusion of collapsible side railings adds flexibility to the bed's design, accommodating different caregiving scenarios.

What is a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed or hospital cot is a bed specially designed for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of health care. These beds have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health care workers.

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₹ 70,000.00
₹ 63,000.00
Sold out