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Product Information: 

  • 10 pack piece
  • Premium Quality
  • Comfort based
  • Leak-Proof
  • Made with Japanese technology

Conditions Used For

  • People with incontinence
  • Mobility impairment
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Dementia

Product description

Go safe in terms of Hygiene, with the comfy-fit Adult diapers. Equipped with gel-based design and Japanese technology, adult diapers come in a pack of 10 pcs. These premium quality diapers are made 100% from natural extract and hence are super-easy to dispose of. Easy to use: Medura adult diapers come in a pack of 10 pcs with velcro tapes. The velcro tapes allow the patient to adjust and reattach while wearing. Adult diapers come in three sizes and they comfort the user by their lightweight nature.

Long-lasting: The adult diapers last 7-8 hours providing the patient a hassle-free experience. These are 100% leak-proof tested and allow the patient to move around freely, preventing accidents.

Advanced technology: Medura adult diapers are designed with Japanese technology including a wetness indicator and high absorbance. Medura wet wipes are safe and super comfortable to use due to their gel-based design.

Natural: These unisex diapers are made completely with natural extracts and hence the users do not have to stress about the disposal. These diapers are completely environment-friendly with a corner leak-proof design and premium quality.


1. What are CareMore Underpads?

  • CareMore Underpads are highly absorbent, disposable pads designed to provide effective protection against leaks and spills. They are placed on surfaces such as beds, chairs, or couches to keep them dry and clean.

2. What sizes are available for CareMore Underpads?

  • CareMore Underpads are available in the size of 90 inch L x 60 inch W. 

3. What makes CareMore Underpads highly absorbent?

  • CareMore Underpads are constructed with advanced absorbent materials that quickly lock away moisture, ensuring the surface remains dry. This helps in maintaining comfort and hygiene for the user.

4. How can CareMore Underpads be used?

  • CareMore Underpads can be used as protective layers on beds, chairs, wheelchairs, or other surfaces. They effectively absorb and contain liquids, reducing the risk of leaks and stains. These underpads are particularly helpful for individuals with incontinence issues.

5. Are CareMore Underpads disposable?

  • Yes, CareMore Underpads are designed for single-use convenience. Once they have absorbed moisture, they can be easily disposed of, making cleanup simple and hygienic.
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